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The next best space for you to reserve for your next big event.
Show sets, event spacing, and campus all for your next big meeting.

Our Space

Plan the next big move in representing your business or your influence in a location that comes with all the accommodations you’ll need to entertain your business clientele and customers.

Conference and
Meeting Rooms

Production and
Show Sets

Green Rooms and
Break Rooms

Who We Are


The CT101 Campus is a full service private event space in the heart of Orange County!


Everything and More for Your Next Event

Location, event spacing, show room sets, recreational rooms, outdoor space perfect for entertaining your clientele and delivering a show worth giving for those important to you and your business. CT 101 Inc. is the next best option for your event.

Reserve Your Next Event

CT 101 Inc. is the next big location you’ll want to plan your event at, get it now while reservations are available.